Last fall, I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot in Venice Beach for two of my favorite fashion labels: Carmar Denim and Emma & Sam. This was my first real collaboration and I was extremely excited to represent brands that I truly love and actually wear on the reg. We spent the day on the eclectic Venice Beach boardwalk trying to capture that iconic California vibe the brands are known for. Despite a few alleyway outfit changes and awkward wardrobe malfunctions that come with street-style shoots, I have to say, I think we succeeded.


Carmar Denim is a Los Angeles-based company from the creators of LF Stores (my all-time FAVORITE boutique). Edge-driven studs, lace-up details and python textures are just some of the ways they transform everyday jeans into trend-forward statement pieces. This fall, they’re taking their designs one step further, with new fits, slick coated finishes and even jackets and bombers. Though, design aside, what I love about Carmar the most is that all their denim is made in the USA (LA, to be exact). This is so important when it comes to not only quality but fashion ethics as well.


Emma & Sam, founded by the same fashion geniuses, focuses on tops and tees for the casual, modern tastemaker. Sheer contrast, revealing cutouts and cool vintage graphics are a few of the designs they’re known for. This season’s collection also features some of the best bodysuits I’ve seen, a trend that I think has officially become a wardrobe staple. As with Carmar, you can always count on comfort, quality and of course, style.


Below, I’ve rounded out my top 10 picks from their new fall collections. You can shop both Carmar Denim and Emma & Sam online or at LF stores across SoCal.